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Two Campers Sponsored at BC Basketball Camps

Each year Andy’s Fund sponsors two campers for one week each at a BC Basketball Camp.  Recently, we received notification of this year’s recipients as chosen by the BC camp administrators.  We are pleased to see that Andrew’s spirit and love of sports will continue to live on and be a help to others.  Thank you for helping to make this possible.

 1)Dear Ginny (Andrew’s Mother)

My daughter MaryKate Golden is 10 years old and was just awarded your son Andrew’s BC basketball camp scholarship today. It is such a surprise and honor for my daughter and we just wanted to say thanks. Please know that we will keep Andrew and your family in our prayers. My mother died of cancer when I was 19, and I was a freshman at BC so I too know how important it is to fight this terrible disease.

My daughter Allison who is seven asked me about heaven recently and after my description she said I hope “Nana is having a rockin time in heaven” Well as you can imagine it made we laugh and I wondered if I had explained it right. Now every night my daughter says I hope Nana and all her friends are having fun in heaven and I know I did. We will now add Andrew as one of those friends.

Attached is a picture of my daughter MaryKate when she won the basketball championship this year. Her season started with 8 losses in a row and then her team went on to win the championship. She scored the winning free throw that put her team ahead to win the game. So as you can image after all the excitement of the season she can’t get enough of basketball, so BC camp was a big treat. I hope that my three children will follow in Andrew’s footsteps and attend BC, they already attend all the football games and as many basketball and hockey games as we can fit in between their own sports.

Thanks Again.
Joanie Golden Class of 93 (MaryKate’s mom)

2) Dear Paula,
This means so much to our family.  Emily loves the BC Basketball Camp and looks forward to the camp every year, this being her second year.  Emily has had a tough year and this news could not have come at a better time. Thank you.
Sue Parla


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