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6th Annual Teddy Bear Drive

In Honor of Samantha Burns In Honor of Samantha Burns
In Loving Memory of Jill Carboni and Andy Marsh.

The Teddy Bear Drive originated in 2006 to honor the first anniversary of my younger sister Jill’s passing.   With her
huge heart, Jill made a difference in all the lives she touched. On November 27,
2005, Jill lost her life in a tragic car accident while returning to Marist College in New York. .
The following year I began collecting teddy bears to honor my dear friend, Andy Marsh as he courageously battled
melanoma. With incredible faith, optimism and perseverance, Andy fought for over two years. He tragically lost his battle on August 4, 2009. You can learn more aboutAndy’s inspiring story at
Both Jill and Andy dedicated their lives to helping others with love and
compassion. Their contagious kindness continues to inspire endless individuals.
This year I am also collecting teddy bears in honor of one of my second grade students, Samantha Burns. On August 11,
2011, Samantha was diagnosed with leukemia. Throughout the past 3 months,
Samantha has faced intense treatment with bravery, strength and grace. Each
day she amazes everyone with her incredible resilience, spirit and determination.
When the Teddy Bear Drive first began, stuffed animals were donated to
children who had lost a loved one and were participating in THE CIRCLE within
the Good Grief Program at Boston MedicalCenter.
The astounding generosity of extended family and friends enabled me to expand
the drive, which now benefits children in hospitals, schools and shelters across New
England. Throughout the past five years over 3400 stuffed animals have been
donated to children in need! Please contact me if you know of a child, group,
organization or event that would benefit from receiving teddy bears.

My intention is to support and honor Samantha as she undergoes this
challenging journey to recovery. My hopeis to keep Jill and Andy’s spirits and
memories alive by carrying on the efforts they initiated to make the world a betterplace for everyone. Thank you for your overwhelming support and generosity!
With love and gratitude,

Melissa Carboni

Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good
actions in others. – Plato
New stuffed animals will be collected
until Sunday, December 11th.



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